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About Me, Mr.Ben, My Blog and Bibliography

     About Me
Following the words of the great Greek philosopher, Socrates, ‘Employ your time by improving with other men’s writings so that you can gain easily what others labored hard for’, Mr. Ben, as he is fondly called, is poised to impact humanity in all spheres of life and human recognition.  With his knowledge zenith, he is willing to disseminate valued and ageless information to all interested persons, groups and organizations-what he toiled to gain over the years.
To depict this feat, he has  written over  twenty breath-taking masterpieces that cut across almost very literary category to help improve the cause, shape and existence of humanity; sexuality, business anecdotes, science, home affairs, marriage, relationships, friendship, self-help, gender issues, life matters, motivational and inspirational interests, educational/academic  matters and many more…He is still counting! To his credit, he has written over forty timeless articles on the various literary categories; showcased on,,, and other affiliate sites.
His amazing writing skills, novel concepts, creative works and avid reading and communication skills have earned him a recognized membership with the following international affiliations;,, and other known writers’ organizations. No doubt, he is not only a writer with a difference but also an entrepreneur, investor and a philanthropist whose slogan reads ‘service to God and humanity are paramount’.
My Blog
As the name suggests, it is a literary niche which is aimed at ‘drawing’ the attention of prospective literary agents and traditional publishers to a world of novel literary workpieces.
Each literary title has a unique format: word count, genre, chapter sample or excerpt and an array of  tags for  easy accessibility.All work-pieces cut across almost all categories; sexuality, fiction, anecdotes, relationships/marriage, gender interests, business and many more. As a prospective literary agent and or traditional publisher, i suggest you peruse through the pages of this second-to-none blogsite.
It constitutes a hub for readers,publishers, literary agents, media outfits and other literary professionals to have access to novel ideas and concepts on various topical issues in science, politics, government, lifestyle and many more. ‘A trial’, they say, ‘will convince you’!
Below is my contact information
Contact Name: Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict
Phone Number +2348062162220
Address: 19, onadeko street, surulere, lagos, Nigeria
Social network contacts: facebook: Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict,
Looking forward to hearing from you.
My Bibliography
1) Come To Think Of It, Sex!2) Sexually, Are You Worth Being Faithful To?

3) Who Are Your Friends?

4) Who is Man?

5) Housewifery…giving the role of home-makers a professional and an academic touch

6) Postulation of the sex arithmetic and the way forward

7) 11 Major deceptions you must guard yourself against…

8) What must be considered for a successful marriage

9) Seven irrefutable facts associated with business success

10) Seven wrong acts associated with Christians

11) Why we no longer read books

12) What should we crave for in life?

13) What you do not know about your man, What you do not know about your woman

14) My kind of man and My kind of woman

15) The most outstanding quality of the mind

16) A trip to the world of Mr. Death

17) Stories of life significance…compiled selection of bestselling stories

18) An Overview of Engi(o)sophy…a phase of true modernization

19) The Inspiration-Driven Ideological Discoveries-the general public perspective

20) The Inspiration-Driven Ideological Discoveries-the educational/academic perspective

21) The Inspiration-Driven Ideological Discoveries-its practical approach

22) The Code-13 Principle (Postulation of the sex arithmetic; a novel piece)

23) The ‘beyond-physics’ analogy of Newton’s laws of motion
24) ‘Wake Up, Dream Boy!’
25) Understanding Heterosexual Dynamics Using Science

26) Life’s Twist(s)
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