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Making a Life Versus Making a living

November 28, 2012

Making a Life Versus Making a living
This article is dedicated to those who are career-seeking and ambitious.It is a worth reading and considered masterpiece.

The subject matter concerns those who are career-seeking and
ambitious. It is a topic that looks into the intricacies of making a
living as against making a life in succinctly; in terms of their
differences, advantages and consequences.

Making a life involves the use of one’s potentials as foundation of a
life-long success and legacy, sacrificially letting go other cut-corner
activities, believing with the right conviction (indefatigably with the
strength of insurmountable determination) the realities of what is or
are built on. In all, making a life entails patience, persistence,
consistency, patience, diligence and determination and other sacrifices
as yardsticks to ensuring a life-long edification of one’s ambition. For
instance, it took Henry Ford determination, a great deal of courage and
other sacrifices to ensure a for-all-ages-stay of Ford Motors.

Making a living is synonymous with earning a living. It is basically a
day-to-day sustenance of income and generation of money. Working in
banks, business enterprises and other establishment for salary earning,
stipends, wages and other incentives are examples of making a living.
Interestingly, earning a living is short-lived as it involves day-to-day

Making a living and Making a life are choice-dependent. Do you want to make a living or make a life? It’s up to you to decide!

  1. Shola permalink

    Definately a right-minded person will choose to make a life, but we need to ask ourself the question: How can one make a life in a system that doesnt support that, the school curriculum dosnt, the goverment policy do not, the society kills ones moral, sometimes even family member do not support also….all this make decission difficult to implement

  2. It’s a difficult one, though. But by His special Grace, you’ll pull through

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