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The Royal Wedding Between Prince William and Kate Middleton; If They Were Only Virgins…

November 23, 2012


The article explains the true sacredness of any Royal marriage is deeply rooted on the chastity of both couples.Using Prince Williams and Kate Middleton as case study, it makes vivid the conditionality of their being chaste form their growing years to the day of their wedding as yardstick to experience a successful matrimony and avoid a replica of what took place in the lives the Late Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

April 29, 2011 will for years to come linger in the hearts and minds of many as the prestigious and world-celebrated wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William took center stage at the Royal Courts. The greatest wedding, since the matrimony between Prince Charles, Williams’ father and the Late Princess of Wales, Princess Diana in 1981, was marked and celebrated worldwide.

However, marriage is best enjoyed and generally appreciated if the bed is undefiled. The question that should be asked is ‘how many beds have this couple defiled before meeting each other?’ ‘Why the question’, you may ask.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana had an unresolved issue in their marriage-infidelity. As a result of Prince Charles’ attitude of infidelity, Princess Diana took what was said to be a drastic decision, despite several warnings, as a reply to her husband escapades, a move to do the absurd-having an illicit affair with an ‘outsider; an established Egyptian multi-millionaire. Like the natural principle, ‘you reap what you sow’, Princess Diana became a member of secluded Mother Earth, courtesy of the 1996 ghastly motor accident which took her life. Prince Charles’ heir to the thrown feat seems to hang on the balance as his son is considered and given the attention as heir apparent. If Prince Charles and Princess Diana had avoided sexual immorality from the get-go (during their growing years) or seen as celibates, don’t you really think Princess Diana would be dead and Prince Charles will certainly be the heir apparent to succeed Queens Elizabeth (II)?

As an observer, don’t you see this event repeating itself in the latter years of Prince Williams and Duchess Kate Middleton? Has Prince William stopped his unquenched thirst for women? Will he portray his father infidel attitude-engaging in extra-marital affairs? If this ugly event repeat itself, will Kate Middleton be able to uphold fidelity or have her pound of flesh just as Princess Diana did?

Imagine a situation where Kate Middleton and Prince William were celibates or virgins till their wedding day, what do you think about royalty of their matrimony? The sacredness of their matrimony consecration will assert to the world the uniqueness of their royal wedding; an affirmation of continued and mutual faithfulness to each other in years to come, no matter what ensues. Just as the US state of Virginia named after Virgin Queen Elizabeth (I), perhaps, a place will be named Virkatelia, in the name of Virgin Queen Kate Middleton in years to come.



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