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The Worth of Keeping One’s Virginity

November 22, 2012

Genre: Fiction-adventure, horror, mystery, action, teenage

Word Count: 7500 words


The thriller, ‘Wake up, Dreamer boy!’ is a masterpiece that explores the ordeals of a young teenage man through a dream he had. It combines geographic names, conceptualized characters, metaphysical locations and various thought realms in a creatively stylish fashion for the reader to be kept glued to his or her sitting support, perusing every chapter such that it becomes entertaining to the very end.

Really, things took upside-down positions as the teenager, who at the time was in High school, took to ardent viewing of horrific movies and more especially, frequent reading of books containing diabolic undertones, installing in his mind the imaginations of evil deeds and all manner of diabolisms. Consequently, he became so obsessed with anything scary that soliloquizing became his second nature. In fact, during class-room lectures, he was left out of the learning galore as the thoughts of previously watched scary movies echoed themselves and took center stage in his mind. Left alone, he took his time to go on look-outs for books, whatever the price, that flood in the beings of Zombies, ghosts and other extra-terrestrial entities.

To make matters worse, his friends, owing to their inability to put at bay the in-dwelling of evil machinations conceived by frequently keeping his eyes glued to movies and books unveiling scary images, blood-feasting demons, cannibals and commit-suicide voices of evil, kept him at armslenght to avoiding being infected with the viruses of evil Tom housed. It was so glaring that he would be living a world of his own where he will be the only one to communicate to himself at all times.

Interestingly, like untreated symptoms cum diseases, he became soliloquy-personified. Eating deep into every fiber of his being, he began meditating words he heard from the movies he watched and books he read to acquaint himself on how play second fiddle to the sounds of evil. All efforts made by his mother, whose husband died shortly after the lad was brought to Mother Earth, ended in wild goose chases as the rehabilitation homes and correction facilities encountered hard nut to crack times in trying to uninstall the viral overload of evil machinations. After all said and done, he was shown the exits out of the buildings. His mum, as a result of his excesses, without batting an eyelid, decided to leave him to fate, since she had two other growing infants.

The result of that decision…? A dream that played itself out and inevitably points at one thing: for every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.

Chapter Samples


Tom saw himself teleported to a place where his perplexity became an understatement; the generality of the anonymous location he found himself was a wonder to him. Really, moving about the place was akin to moving in circles with no co-ordinates-north, south, east and west parameters as direction guidelines. To get rid of his panicking emotions, he yelled: ’can someone help me?! Help me! Help me! I do not know the way out of here!’ Alas, his voice echoed back at him-an indication of the absence of people. Again, in his fearful state, Tom kept moving at a dying quest to be rescued. Yet, all his efforts were void.

Lost in deep thought, Tom looked inwards and keyed in his arsenal of emotions and realized that the solution might not be far-fetched. Still, he was left between the devil and deep blue sea as his continued yelling didn’t get any hearings. Due to his almost-exhausted energy, he re-directed his energy focus to his emotions and saw that the solution lied in his hands. After a careful cogitation, a reflection that pointed at the TRUTH which would be a way out of the labyrinth Tom was in. Upon the activation of his emotional energies, he brought to his possession the TRUTH-Key of All Revelations. Tom, somehow, had a way of interpreting unusual assertions made by the TRUTH (as he learnt its fundamentals from his favorite book; The Book of Evils). The TRUTH, in an esoteric and echoing voice, considering Tom’s pitiful state, said:

The TRUTH known as the Key of All Revelations is a sacred pearl shaped in the form of a key that unveils the way out of the labyrinth you are in. This anonymous place is known as the Land of Infinity. It is an endless sojourn that keeps one in eternity with no direction with respect to space. It is a circle that knows no time, keeps someone stagnant forever, even after the end of time. If you are here, there is no way out. However, for your sake, I have brought before you the way outs of this place. Here, there are Seven Escape Routes from this place. I will explain to you the seven escape routes; what they really about and the one which I advise you to follow.

First is the Land of Contemplation. This is a place where there are endless decision makings amongst the people who are actually humanoids.  They are always contemplating for changes in their lifestyle whilst keeping to the status quo… This is a clip of the lifestyle of the people of this land. If you want to see more clips, just press the lowest side of my torch light. Meanwhile, people in this part of eternity are destructive, never experience peace but always die to come alive to become vampires and unrepentant demons feasting on their fellow brethren. The cycle goes on. No father, no mother, no family! It’s all about a never-ending circle!

Second is the Land of Damnation. Again, like I mentioned, this is a land where the people are bond-slaved by punishment for eternity. They don’t die, but leave to face hell from the growing years of childhood to maturity and this never ends. To them, it’s a normal to leave a life of damnation for eternity. Really, they are more than physical beings who have been destined from the get-go by their fore-bears and offered to their gods as objects of eternal sacrifices in the form of excruciations. See for yourself the images on this footage…

Third is the Land of Hate. As the name suggests, this is a place where the convictions of the people, better known as the Humangles, are hinged on hatred. Here, Humangles detests each other that everything around them revolves around hatred. In fact, hatred had been their second nature since the gods acknowledge and eulogize hatred.

Next is the Land of Rulers. There are no subjects. Everyone is a ruler. In their mindset, they were all born to rule over no subjects. It’s a vacuum that has no second fiddle as everyone is a ruler of himself. In fact, the SPECIAL BEINGS (as they are known) claim that they are equal to each other in respect and function, in time and space. Eternity is never recognized in this land. There is nothing really fruitful here.

The Land of Immorality is a concern I must explain. Obviously the name suggests, the land exhibits the crest of immorality by the people. The people are known as the Angelic Beasts. All forms of sexual practices are seen here. Angelic Beasts   have been breathing, moving and making merry with immorality with each other from eternity to eternity. Inexplicable calamities have befallen this land.

The land of Plenty is a place where the people observe all kinds of social and cultural normalcy, go about their day-to-day activities, subjects and rulers. However, they are the Humanimals; possessing both human and animalistic tendencies in usual and unusual manners. There are a whole of pleasures if you tread the right path and you stand to gain favours from the high and mighty of this land, considering your gifting if properly brought to use.

The seventh inhabitation is the Land of all Necessary Evils. Here, the people or Huevils are naturally born evil geniuses whose lifestyles follow the illumination of evil. Negativity of all forms is the order of the day. Nothing good exists in that land. All kinds of evil machinations, real and imagined, are effective. As a matter of fact, imaginary evil deeds take place before the actual ones. Huevils are generally affected by the outcome of imaginary evils than the ones that exist on the plane of reality.

Now, There are seven ways to move out of where you at-the Land of Eternity. However, you are left with one option. Whichever option, you take, remember, the tasks involved and what steps to take to become comfortable with the people of the land you chose to domicile.

Apparently dumbfounded, Tom thought hard as to where to put a full-stop-to live. Eventually, his mind was made up; settling out to journey and live in the Land of Plenty. However, Tom was faced with a challenge; how to scale through the Land of Infinity. In desperation, he asked the TRUTH, ‘How do I get out of here?’ The TRUTH replied: Take hold of the Key of All Revelations and point it upwards. You will see the positions of the Seven Doors of Escape. These are known as the Seven Doors of Escape; the ones I informed you about. All you need do is to point at the one you chose and use it to unlock the Door you chose.

Tom did as he was told and behold, he saw himself teleported to where he chose- the Land of Plenty. Unaware of how he journeyed, Tom would meet more tides of immense challenges…


Tom was extraordinarily teleported to the Land of Plenty.  Indeed, Tom arrived but  was very fatigued. Consequently, sleep took a hold of him. In a deep sleep, Tom was able to activate his emotional energies which gave room for the esoteric voicing of the TRUTH, revealing to him more about the land. Fortunately, Tom’s interpretation gave an insight into what he would encounter subsequently.

The Land of Plenty is really an abode of blessings and curses. You dwell in abundance and if any foul play, you will unknowingly be punished by being slapped through a fierce beastly component and sent to any of the mentioned lands with high degrees of excruciations and  stringent conditions in order to fit in.

The Humanimals had their existence that dated before the coming to being of eternity. There lived a certain king, named Melokinokia.  He was at peace with all and sundry, every Tom, Dick and Harry of his village and beyond. Blessed with abundance of lands, precious stones, magnificent monuments, lovely ornaments and best-of-the-best of other kingly possessions, this land purely lived up to his name. There was an organized system of rulership; the people, who, before their transformation, were Humans, were law-abiding, secured and dwelt in self-sufficiency. Though they had a jealous High priest, Makana, who paid homage to their supreme god, Gariola (the god of plenty) via sacrificing humans, he was seen as a small fry whose service to the people weren’t needed because they were very prosperous in the things they do and the village was very peaceful and secured.

He succeeded by orchestrating a matrix of evil machinations by mis-informing the allies of King Melokinokia and the neigbouring villages. All manner of lies were told to High Chiefs and Member of Councils of the neigbouring villages, falsely claiming that Melokinokia had secret intentions of up-turning the trade and other relationships amongst the villages for his own aggrandizement. Makana’s conspiracies proved successful as his truthful lies led to the coalition of the forces of the neigbouring villages.

Unknown to King Melokinokia, Makana’s smiling and good-will gesture would, in no time, mean paving way for the success of impending evils on the land. Going about his usual activities, he arranged with his accomplices, the neigbouring villagers, using their forces of coalition, to locate the hide-outs of the Plenteous Life force the name for the defense of the Land of Plenty and unveil other vital information that will engender the ruining of King Melokinokia and his entire kingdom.

Makana’s gross jealousy stemmed from the fact that he was an unusual living entity. His human-bestial nature separated him from the rest of the people, even the king. Makana’s services were only needed when it comes to cleansing the land and purifying the forces of nature that encompass the existence of the kingdom. The human-bestial traits were traced to his genealogy. His fore-fathers committed a huge sin by sleeping with female beasts thereby giving birth to beings that carry both human and bestial features. His lineage was an appreciation of humans and beasts marrying each other in awkward manners. Makana, all through his eternal life, had been leaving in utter seclusion from his fellow people.

His conception of transforming the normal humans, seen in the kingdom where he lived by manipulating the forces and principles of nature such that they lay with beasts and become Just as he is- a human and a beast, was responsible for the impending attack that would hit King Melokinokia kingdom and change the physical lives of the people for eternity. He worked tooth and nail to ensuring the onslaught pulled through.

His conspiracy plots did pull through. With the support of the forces of his collaborators, the fierce took center stage. The coalition of forces struck, firing huge Arrows of Destruction at the not-alerted and unsuspecting Plenteous Force, almost breaking their strong holds by encroaching and truncating the longevity of its age-long defense strength. Nonetheless, the Plenteous Force, who bore the eternal loss of the people of the Land of Plenty and whose strength of defense were eternally formidable, despite unsolicited attacks by the coalition forces, replied the onslaught launched against them by exterminating the warriors and annihilating nearly all and sundry of the lands where  each of the coalition of forces  merged from. Eventually, like a no-winner-no-vanquish situation, the Plenteous Force and the coalition of forces had lots to lose, evenly; the lands, the dead bodies of their relatives, destroyed heritages and other valuable monuments were balanced from both sides. Particularly, the Land of Plenty was left to mourn its dead and survived by King Melokinokia, his household and the High Priest, Makana.

I really would like to use this medium to solicit for interested literary agents, publishers, media persons, movie executives to publish the manuscript and make it a movie. I can be contacted by


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