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What Must Be Considered For A Successful Marriage

November 21, 2012

Word Count: 10, 567

Genre: Relationship/Marriage


Many people, all around the world are staying married to each other in anticipation of divorce, separation, regrets, bitterness, insecurity and doubts because they fail to realize that it is one thing to get married and it is a different ball game to stay married.

As the saying goes ‘it takes two to tango’, marriage is an agreement involving the the preparedness of couples, usually man and wife to-be, in embracing its challenges. Alas, it is unequivocally clear that a lot of married people are practically oblivious of this fact

The classic elucidates in detail reasons few people experience marital success while the reverse is the case for the majority of married individuals. It is a must-read masterpiece that explains two factors associated with marital success; trust and communication.


The masterpiece, what must be considered for a successful marriage expatiates the ‘major factor’ which constitutes the foundation; building block of a successful marriage. In its recognition, a successful marriage is achieved mainly through the active participation of the man (husband) and wife. Without this condition, there is no successful marriage.

The classic unequivocally asserts that a successful marriage can be viewed as an eternity-on-earth union which requires bedrock, eternal in nature. It identifies the cause behind short-lived marriages, irrespective of race, status and background as the not-eternal marital foundation laid.

What must be considered for a successful marriage vividly points the active involvement of a knowing-husband and knowing-wife to appreciate the bedrock, true love as the only foundation of a successful marriage.

Acknowledging marital success can be measured by its longevity it sees true love, the foundation of a successful marriage, as being translated in the light of marital longevity (longevity in marriage).

Longevity in marriage or marital longevity is an appreciation of longevity in trust and communication existing between the actively participating man and his wife. In other words, longevity in marriage is dependent on two factors: trust and communication and best appreciated by prepared married individuals.

In a mathematical format, Longevity in marriage=Longevity in (Trust + Communication) =Longevity in Trust + Longevity in Communication

Where Trust is simply the Total Reliance Upon Someonelse’s Truths (on the part of the husband, vice versa) and communication is a (mutual) voiced complement of trust. Simply put, the more appreciated the factors of trust and communication, the more expressed marital longevity will be.

The Total Reliance upon Someonelse’s Truths, the acrostic of TRUST, will be looked into in seven respects. They are:

1) Fidelity
2) Financial dependability
3) Home affairs
4) Educational proficiency
5) Spirituality
6) Call to raising children
7) Counseling/Wisdom

The seven listed respects are truths both parties must rely upon and appreciate them through persistent communication. Communication ‘voices’ the efficacies of the respects of truth in terms of

1) Managing one’s sexuality
2) Rendering financial support, not being too financially dependent
3) Home management; making the home worth staying or creating a homely atmosphere
4) Not necessary but worth considering academic accomplishment, but of great importance quality education (self-education): handling stress-related problems, establishing inter-personal relationships, goal orientation (ambitions in life)
5) Level of prayer consciousness, spiritual dedication and demonstration of spiritual truths
6) Level of preparedness of raising children and responsibilities associated with them; financial, moral, spiritual, social and other ‘meet-ups’ , child planning
7) The importance of right counsel and wisdom in addressing pertinent issues concerning marriage; submission embrace, the home, children, health, finances and dealings with dependants

Therefore, the work piece, titled what must be considered for a successful marriage is a two-chapter interest, that is, trust and communication, housing their subordinates. In the case of trust, there will be explanations to assert reasons many married persons are not experiencing and will not experience successful marriages and why successful marriages can be attained by only a few. On the other hand, the case of communication elucidates outstanding elements that make the few people who experience successful marriages totally rely upon them.



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