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Wake Up, Dream Boy!

November 21, 2012

Genre: Fiction-adventure, horror, mystery, action, teenage

Word Count: 7500 words


The thriller, ‘Wake up, Dreamer boy!’ is a masterpiece that explores the ordeals of a young teenage man through a dream he had. It combines geographic names, conceptualized characters, metaphysical locations and various thought realms in a creatively stylish fashion for the reader to be kept glued to his or her sitting support, perusing every chapter such that it becomes entertaining to the very end.

Really, things took upside-down positions as the teenager, who at the time was in High school, took to ardent viewing of horrific movies and more especially, frequent reading of books containing diabolic undertones, installing in his mind the imaginations of evil deeds and all manner of diabolisms. Consequently, he became so obsessed with anything scary that soliloquizing became his second nature. In fact, during class-room lectures, he was left out of the learning galore as the thoughts of previously watched scary movies echoed themselves and took center stage in his mind. Left alone, he took his time to go on look-outs for books, whatever the price, that flood in the beings of Zombies, ghosts and other extra-terrestrial entities.

To make matters worse, his friends, owing to their inability to put at bay the in-dwelling of evil machinations conceived by frequently keeping his eyes glued to movies and books unveiling scary images, blood-feasting demons, cannibals and commit-suicide voices of evil, kept him at armslenght to avoiding being infected with the viruses of evil Tom housed. It was so glaring that he would be living a world of his own where he will be the only one to communicate to himself at all times.

Interestingly, like untreated symptoms cum diseases, he became soliloquy-personified. Eating deep into every fiber of his being, he began meditating words he heard from the movies he watched and books he read to acquaint himself on how play second fiddle to the sounds of evil. All efforts made by his mother, whose husband died shortly after the lad was brought to Mother Earth, ended in wild goose chases as the rehabilitation homes and correction facilities encountered hard nut to crack times in trying to uninstall the viral overload of evil machinations. After all said and done, he was shown the exits out of the buildings. His mum, as a result of his excesses, without batting an eyelid, decided to leave him to fate, since she had two other growing infants.

The result of that decision…? A dream that played itself out and inevitably points at one thing: for every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.



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