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My Thought Factories(Part One)

November 14, 2012

1)      There is no modern fashion (dressing) without an ancient-based definition. Therefore, irrespective of trend, what should be of importance is style of dressing. Simply, style, which is commonsense of dressing in terms of matching and fitting, is what makes fashion thick. Alas, a number of us do not have the commonsense of fashion; despite following fashion trends-reason commonsense is not really common.


2)      True health comes as a result of the spirit man acknowledging it conveys a divine healer as reflected in the sub-conscious mind, being the seat and strength of recuperation of every physical constraint appearing as ailment.



3)      They say: ‘good things come to those who wait’. However, how a  man satisfy a woman who has not only experienced failed  relationships but engaged different men of varying sizes, ages and sexuality in sexual intercourse. Granted, good sex is very important for a successful marriage. However, good sex is only reserved or enjoyed by those who wait for it. In other words, those who delay gratification enjoy good sex. Therefore, for a woman who has seen it all before getting married, how can she be satisfied sexually by her eventual husband?

4)      The word ‘entertainment’ can be spelt out as EN-TER-TAIN-MENT. Precisely the word re-spelt EN-TER-TAIN-MENT is can be construed as ENjoy (the) TERminally mainTAINed  moMENT.  After the time-out, what’s next?

5)       If not of a chaste disposition, ask your wife or wife-to-be nine reasons you should not cheat on her. Then if she cannot give straight-from-the heart practical reasons, she must be deceiving herself. Then, try this expression she (your wife or wife-to-be) =wife+ women. In other words, in theory, see her as a wife and ‘explore’ other women (eight, say,) because she is really not different from them.

6)      The myth ‘the more you look, the less you see ‘is actually true. In life, a whole of lot of complex dynamics of situations ensue that transcend our understanding. The spiritual life controls over the physical life makes people, irrespective of time and space; assert ‘life goes on’. It is therefore worthy of note to state that it is only when we are completely cut out of this earthly life that our eyes of illumination become widened. This is because the more we claim to know about our lives, the more lessened our understanding because we our limited as humans and the life we live is a reflection of the limitless eternity.

7)      The word POLITICS can be defined using the acrostic as:


O-Orientation (of)






Over the millennia, politicians have been advancing a global agenda that will eventually gain dominance and influence all systems of operations in all countries of the world. The advanced global plan is an ideology known as the New World Order (though it has been prophesied over three thousand years ago).In simple arithmetic, Work of all ages=New World Order=One-world government system +One-world Religion.

8)      Religion has been a deceptive means through which man has successfully orchestrated the advent of the New Age Movement which; the unification of all religions of the world towards the glorification of mankind towards serving the Hierarchy (the devil).

9)       The need to activate the sixth sense or better yet, power of intuition is an initiative successful business people have devised to actualize their said targets. Despite  prevailing socio-economic discrepancies, we realize  successful men and women  realize unprecedented fortunes, thanks to the power of intuition (sixth sense region)

10)   Education is a viable process of defining the quality of one’s person, given the right social, psychological and enabling environmental factors, actualized by the individuals level of submission to its process-learning. Unfortunately, though education is a wonderful thing, taking note of the fact that anything worth leaning can never be taught is something to take cognizance of.

11) Women have been become so educated and sophisticated that they have threaded the paths of sexual freedom instead of chastity(the pride of womanhood),  spousal disrespect’ instead of submission( a part of the role of women towards their fulfillment of ministry on earth) and equality instead of motherhood(the greatest right of a woman).

12) Paternity and maternity of children doesn’t not connote fatherhood and motherhood of children. Simply, not all ‘mothers’ are actually mothers and not all ‘fathers’ are fathers! It’s just that there was a biological life donor(man) and biological life recipient(woman) whose market took place using the platform of sexual intercourse. The product is  then tested for nine months and delivered as the life. Alas, this life graduates into a fake product of wrong infant nurturing by his or her pseudo mother and psychopath of a father, giving rise to a physically harmed and mentally deranged adult that will be a colossal misfortune to humanity.


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