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The M-LAW Link (Man’s contribution to living)

November 13, 2012

Project Title: The M-LAW Link (Man’s contribution to living)

Genre: Christianity/Philosophy/Science

State of Manuscript: In progress


Brief Description

This classic explains the dominance of man over the three physical components of the earth; land, air and water in relations to their known dynamics. It puts to cognizance the ability of man to devise means of movement through over-time knowledge gained to relate with the three dimensional components of the earth in order to make living better.



It gives a Christian viewpoint of the creation of the world (earth) by God. As the water separated itself from the land, as the bible reported, The M-LAW Link (Man’s contribution to living) points at God’s creative prowess and the making of air for the eventual existence of air. With the creation of the three dynamic components of the earth, God’s created man was put in the picture to have dominion over these components. However, who is man God specially created to have dominion over the land, water and air and all entities that exist in them?

The literary recognition identifies man as an entity, originally a spirit, lives in a body and has a soul. With the aid of a three-dimensional diagram, it explains the relationship between the body, spirit and soul. In vivid terms, it makes use of facts of how the soul, the thought-and-action factory, influences the spirit, the life source and controls the body through actions. The spirit (life source) propels the body through the mind, an essential component of the soul, as manifested in thoughts(ideas, information and knowledge) by action to make living ‘better’ through the ages. ‘Who is Man?’, as typically identified, is locked in The M-LAW Link (Man’s contribution to living); it is a three –chapter expose that conveys as chapters 1, 2 and 3 respectively as ‘He is a spirit’, ‘He has a soul’ and ‘He lives in a body’ respectively. The work-piece asserts undoubtedly that those mentioned qualities are the reasons man’s physical link with the land, air and water possibly heightened by his being able to control their dynamics.

Similarly, The M-LAW Link (Man’s contribution to living) has as its chapters (chapters 1, 2 and 3) represented as the Land, Air and Water.  With the use of man’s knowledge (science as the very basis) about their dynamics through the ages of existence, the material confidently depicts certain structures and technologies invented the ‘influencer’ to commensurate the challenges of the ages. For example, the land component has been influenced by man via the invention of automobiles. The invention of the aircraft is a proof of man’s influence over the air dimension. Man’s huge influence over the water component is evidenced through the invention of the boats, canoes, submarines, yachts, ships and other water-sailing devices. In a diagrammatic manner, it gives a three-dimensional relationship between the land, air and water axis in relation to man. In other words, man is theoretically and diagrammatically the meeting point of the three earth’s components.

Typically, the formats through which The M-LAW Link (Man’s contribution to living) are arranged as follows:





Table of Contents

1)      ‘Who is Man?’    Chapter 1 (He is a spirit), Chapter 2 (He has a soul) and Chapter 3 (He lives in a body)

2)      Chapter One……………….Land

3)      Chapter Two……………… Air

4)      Chapter Three……………..Water


Author’s Bibliography

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Author Contacts


Interested literary agents, publishers and other literary professionals can contact me, using the following means:












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