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November 10, 2012

Are you are a  literary agent, publisher, TV/movie producer/director, and researcher, reader or media person and are interested in novel literary works?

It is a literary niche where all professionals and participants of creativity can grasp ideas to create ground-breaking changes in their chosen endeavours. Uniquely expressed in terms of synopses, excerpts (or chapter samples), genres and word-count formats, the literary hub is a second to none site for the showcase of on-demand literary works to the world.  Also included in the equation of professionalized and participated creativity, literary critics will have a reason to constructively analyze the dynamics of the works for easier publicity, marketing, distribution, contract signings, royalty payments, right issuance and other subsequent activities.

The works cut across different literary categories; fiction and non-fiction. Sexuality, relationship, stories, business, science, young adult, philosophy, inspirational, educational and general knowledge are literary recognition that the author, Mr. Ben, had showcased as potential materials for concerned literary professionals. Also, issues such as politics, writing, friendship and many more are available as readers’ delights.

Literary agents, publishers, TV Producers, movie executives, network agents, and research and media persons (even readers in general!) will be fascinated at the novel nature of the following works in a synopsis, excerpt, genre and word count format. They are:

1)      ‘Wake Up, Dream Boy!’   Fiction/Thriller, horror, mystery, juvenile, action, adventure

2)      Life’s Twist(s)                     Fiction/literary, narrative, anecdotes

3)      Stories of Life Significance…compiled selection of bestselling stories   Fiction/literary, narrative, anecdotes, relationship

4)      Come To Think of It, Sex!     Non-fiction/sexuality, young adult

5)      Sexually, are you worth being faithful to?   Non-fiction/sexuality

6)      My Kind of Man, My Kind of Woman   Non-fiction/gender matters/Christian relationship/Sexuality

7)      What You Do Not Know About Your Man, What You Do Not Know About Woman  Non-fiction/gender issues

8)      11 Major deceptions You Must Guard Yourself Against… Non-fiction/self-help/relationship

9)      Why We No Longer Read Books Non-fiction/Young adult/teenage

10)   What Should We Crave For In Life?  Non-fiction/Philosophy/inspirational/Religion

11)   Winds of Change  Fiction/literary, anecdotes, adult stories

12)   The Beyond-Physics Analogy of Newton’s Laws of Motion  Non-fiction/Science/philosophy/psychology/meta-physics

13)   The Code-13 Principle Non-fiction/Sexuality

14)   Understanding Heterosexual Dynamics Using Science Non-fiction/Sexuality/science

15)   An Overview of Engi(o)sophy…a phase of true modernization  Non-fiction/philosophy/novel creativity

16)   The Inspiration-Driven Ideological Discoveries-the general public perspective Non-fiction/Philosophy

17)    What Must Be Considered for a Successful Marriage  Non-fiction/relationship/marriage

18)   Seven Wrong Acts Associated with Christians Non-fiction/Christianity/Christian living

19)   Seven Irrefutable Facts Associated with Business Success  Non-fiction/business

20)   Housewifery…giving the role of home-makers a professional and an academic recognition Non-fiction/women affairs/home management.

An A-list blog-site in the making, a number of visits and ‘likes’ have been made and put across. All you need do is to visit it and place your comments. The literary hub contains the author’s bibliography, contact information and other information about him. You will be glad for you did! a hub for all professionals and participants of literary creativity.

Contact the author (Mr.ben) by E-mail:

Or by phone: +2348062162220

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