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Why Was My Manuscript Rejected?

November 6, 2012

You’ve just finished writing a good manuscript. With serious editing and polishing of your work-piece, you feel it’s time to get your work showcased. Then, your search began… After an intense search, you were able to send your manuscripts to various agencies and publishers either via email or post mail. You were replied in weeks to come, you will receive a response regarding the decision on whether or not to move forward with your manuscript. Thinking that your work meets with the requirements of the literary agencies you sent your manuscripts to, you thought your work would gain acceptance by one of them, at least. To your very surprise, however, all of the agencies, at different time spaces, declined to move forward with your manuscript. Now, you ask yourself the question: ‘why was my manuscript rejected’?

Many authors, more often than not, experience the set back of their manuscript being rejected by publishers and literary agents. Even at some point in their literary journey, established authors have once had their works rejected countless number of times by literary professionals their manuscripts got to. The same question they asked. In this article, we will look into three likely reasons the manuscripts of authors form the rejections piles in the offices of many publishing and literary houses.

To begin with, manuscripts are rejected on grounds that they are either unsolicited or not coming from established authors. A prevalent factor in many literary houses, literary agents, majority of them, prefer established authors as clients than aspiring authors. As a result, publishers (especially the traditional ones) don’t get to accepted unagented or unsolicited manuscripts. If a literary agent can’t client an aspiring author, then, a publisher won’t accept any unagented or unsolicited manuscript from such person.

Besides, in as much as many would-be authors reason that their works meet the publisher’s and or agent’s requirements, manuscripts are rejected because the literary bodies feel that they don’t fit the requirements. It’s interesting to note one thing: the way an agent or a publisher interprets the stated requirements is entirely different from how a typical aspiring author would interpret it. Sad to say, it’s true!

Furthermore, the final decision of the publishing or literary board is another reason manuscripts are rejected. A work-piece may fit into what the agency is looking for. Alas, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be accepted. Due to lack of adequate financing and attention to other priorities, perhaps, on the part of the professionals, they are likely to reject the manuscript.

If you’re an aspiring author, don’t be discouraged. Never give up! Although good books don’t get published these days, be resilient and some day, you’ll have a home for your work(s).


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