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The World of Women

November 3, 2012

Women,by God’s special orchestration,are designed as the most unique complement to a man’s world. Asa matter of fact, they are well-endowed to completely fit into God’s master plan as help-meets to men.God specially designed them as unique and very attractive.However,they end up as copies and fakes. Why?


When the most sacred virtue they possess is offered as sacrifice in the form of lust and the in the light of naivety on a platter of gold,at a wrongly timed sexual intercourse,such  act persists.Subsequently, they deny themselves of the need self-respect and value placed on them.Like a disposable medical syringe, they are ‘used’ and ‘dumped’ by their male counterparts who,by all rights, should appreciate God’s  works on them. In other words, they ‘spit’ at their Creator’s  masterpieces.This obnoxious ritual exercise of sexual freedom( in the guise of failed ‘i-love-you’ relationships)  continues even after marriage. Most of them, as a result of various soul ties with their partners( or ex-boyfriends,to be lenient),through various sexual intercourses, become illusioned   with the right  men to marry because sexual freedom steals one’s sense of judgment.Even when they are married, they seldom find difficult the issue of staying married in the area of being committed to their husbands.In the light of enjoying good sex which is an essential ingredient of a thriving marriage, they are  left with one of the two hard nut to crack choices; either pretending to be enjoying the sexual union with their husbands or indulge themselves in extra-marital affairs with (one of ) their ex- bed mates. To be extreme,not minding whose Ox God,they go to the length of sleeping around in the the presence of their spouses. Obviously, sexual freedom leaves indelible marks of impressions on women that even if married and are not gratified sexually anticipated, they tend to fantasize the glory moments’  of their youths when they were having their own way with their bed mates.This leaves them with the choice of either pretending to be gratified while feeling discontent or seek for these pleasures outside the restrictions of matrimony. They have long ago seen,felt and experienced the dynamics of sexual intercourse of   innumerable company of men of various sizes,ages,shapes and physique. So what’s new about good sex? Can they really get satisfied by sticking to their husbands;what they couldn’t do during their youthful years?


Those who claim to have turned a new leaf are not left out because they face various tests  that will ascertain whether or not they are genuinely ‘repented’. What will be your reaction if you saw your husband in the act of love-making on your matrimonial bed with a company of other younger ladies? How would you feel if your husband continues to suspect your whereabouts? What would you do if your husband,in the presence of friends and associates , calls you all kinds of names? These are one of the tests  women who claim to have change such lifestyle will face.


Interestingly, here comes the hidden feminist agenda-women empowerment. In a way,this philosophy could be construed women independence. They are indeed  well empowered, learned, sophisticated,wealthy and above all,independent that is nothing new under the sun.Sadly, majority of women activists are marital failures;divorcees, separated, home-wreckers and homosexuals and sometimes, hedonists. Many countries of the world have favored this agenda that they regret ever buying into this move.Perhaps, they fail to realize the place of function of women, in accordance to God’s Orchestration, by equating them with men;gender equality. Just as what happens when a child  is given the role of a father, the same applies when women are ’empowered’. Only if women who are carried away by this ugly philosophy knew the origin and motive behind the feminist gender equality, then they will get to know what the world sees them as.


In a way, the world sees women in the light of what it promotes-sexual freedom. Precisely, women are seen as sex objects that ought to be ‘used’ and ‘dumped’ to enjoy the sweetness of the mystery of sex.However, there lies a contradiction-these sex objects are so empowered that they are not only equal to their male counterparts,arguably demonstrating the deceptive assertion ‘what a man can do, a woman can do, even better’ but also possess the leadership mantle to dominate their male folks, creating a theoretical impossibility of men ‘using’ and ‘dumping’ them. Knowing that this contradiction has been orchestrated and men,by design, oppose gender dominance by women,the world has created ‘alternative women’. Who are they?


Alternative women, sometimes known as Robot wives, are humanoids specially programmed as sex machines with special design codes and parameters to sexually gratify men. They are advanced  multi-dimensional 3-D entities designed with the best of advanced robotic,bionic, bio-technology-based electromagnetic mechanisms, mechatronic facilities  programming(alongside sexological languages) coupled with the best of medical technologies(boobs enlargement, ass alignment,hip modification,synthetic skin cover)  and modern fashion trends (such as synthetic hair Dos, set make-ups, sexy clothing, an artificial semen receptacle bin, analogous to the woman vagina).Seriously,if you are not carefully observant, you will be forced to see them as humans. At the moment,this making is under cover and is being manufactured in advanced Asian countries, under going modifications,further advancements and touches to meet the demands of times created by the world.


Some would say ‘this is old-fashioned’, a Mohican idea’ or ‘a Draconian mindset’ . Irrespective of these views, there are no modern values or trends that do not have ancient roots. In as much as moral rectitude(keeping oneself till marriage),  is ancient in origin,so it is for hedonism(sexual freedom) ancient-based.


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