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The Deception: Gender Equality

November 1, 2012

Gender equality, particularly a women-driven interest, is beginning to gain momentum in countries whose cultures do not support the position of women in authority and an already acclimatized recognition in most developed countries. In fact, there are various schemes through which the stance of the ‘woman-is-equal-to-man’ philosophy are publicized-women liberation, women empowerment, women awareness, women sensitization and many others. However, it leaves a lot to be desired in the light of its hidden agenda.

The question that should be asked is this:’ what is hidden agenda of this philosophy?’  At this juncture, it will be convenient to familiarize ourselves with what is called gender equality. It simply refers to a modernization that philosophized equal access to certain benefits under the ambits of the fundamental rights of the people, irrespective of gender. It is an orientation that entitles men and women to equal stance and chances of social, economic, political and educational advantages on grounds of merit, not necessarily based on chauvinism or sexism. Though it is correct to assert gender equality is literally not a sad development per se, it still leaves much to be desired.

Interestingly, there is a certain mystery encompassing the rather made-to-be –worth embracing ideology which transcends the comprehension of the common woman. Consider this mathematics-like, bio, ‘satanized’ equation: Beelzebub=Bees=Women empowerment=Satan. This depicts a correspondence of relationship, indicating an insect (Beelzebub, another representation of Satan) by recognition is a queen Bee dominating the bee hive and parading more active female workers as supposed the males ones. As a matter of fact, the queen is mated by the male only to die after copulation. Furthermore, the bees are translated as women empowerment which is a satanically inspired conviction.

Gender equality, if actually evaluated in the truth of its hidden agenda, is a contradiction violating or questioning at least, the Creator’s blueprint of design of a man and woman; individual roles. Taking the odd feministic theories and imbalances attributable to other ad-hoc religious faiths, a man was by God’s design created to lead (with his striking sense of rationale or logic and judgment to make decisions on matters of concern) while the woman, on the other hand, a complement of her man, was designed to handle multi-tasking activities that are needed for the man to put finishing touches by making definite decisions. Simply, God made women to be the complement of men: support and providing succor demanded to collectively fulfill their calling. Unequivocally, in the perspective of spirituality (viewing from the Christian faith), men and women, though equal, are physically different not because of conspicuous attributes but roles which they are created to play out on earth. Owing to their different individual shape, their ministries are different. Sadly, gender equality, in actuality, has debunked the truth of role accomplishment by gender and prioritize a rather cataclysmic ‘man=woman’ energy.

International women conferences such as the Beijing conference, the Pan-Negro conferences and many others are painstakingly preaching this philosophy to the very conviction of interested women whose comprehension of their sense of self-awareness is bleak. Advocates of gender equality generally work on the alibi of saying that women have been depressed, subjugated and abused by men. As a matter of fact, they claim many cultures neglect the position of women in family, social, community and even political affairs. Only if they studied rightly and diligently the anthropology of cultures of man, they would probably have a re-think or the being-taught women will resign to God’s plan for them. Perhaps, they have eluded themselves from the fact that depression comes in if it is granted entry! Sadly, most advocates of this belief have their homes either shattered, failed marriages, family and character issues. Yet, they are listened to and even celebrated!


One of the world’s most liberated nations, Uncle Sam, in the path of all truths, sees gender equality as an illusion that really exists in the confined restriction or prison of the rights of women. In some parts of the US, women are really not as liberated as anticipated-they face all kinds of social, political and economic embarrassment.   Though this is entirely maltreatment of the feminine gender, the ability to understand their roles (ministry) on earth will go a long way in making better their existence. Alas, only a few are aware!

If at this point, you are not convinced about the mirage known as gender equality, then you can demand for the following videos for more convictions:

1)      Rihana’s ‘Disturbia’

2)      Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’


Lines of thoughts

1)      At best, women are worst of friends.

2)      Gender equality is akin to when a child is given an undue opportunity to interact with the elders and later yelled at one of them, saying ‘shut up your mouth!’ This isn’t the child’s fault but the elders who gave her the opportunity


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