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Seven Rarely Told Truths About Pre-Marital Sex

October 31, 2012

The following point at the irrefutable assertions that immensely constitute rarely told assertions on pre-marital sex (before-marriage sexual intercourse), as they affect relationships and marriages of individuals involved.

1) People, especially women, who had engaged in sex-linked relationships, were really used as sex objects, a tool for sexual gratification. Like a disposable medical syringe, they were ‘used’ and ‘dumped’ by their partners.

2) If not of a truly chaste disposition, rarely can you find a man not cheating on his wife (vice versa), with or without each other knowing.

3) Given a space of ten chances, a man who is not of a truly chaste character, either in a relationship or married, the possibility he will not cheat on his wife is tentatively two out of ten, at most. On the other hand, for a woman portraying the same character, whether she is in a relationship or married, the possibility, given the same condition is tentatively four out of ten, at most.

4) The moment an unmarried lady allows herself to be sexually touched by a man outside the context of marriage has made herself replaceable; likely to be treated like and substituted for other ‘better’ women

5) If not particularly careful, an habitual fornicator will become an adulterer or adulteress

6) As a result of engaging in pre-marital sex, most married women end up ‘sharing’ their husbands with other women, preferably younger, knowingly or unknowingly. Just as what happens to soldiers who embark on an onslaught against their opposition in the field of battle without necessarily protecting their units, women who are aware of their husbands’ illicit affairs with women will go out, leaving their homes, all in the name of marital security (protecting their husbands from the hands of intruders).You can answer for yourself what happens to their homes. The oblivious women will, until they get to unearth their husbands’ can of worms with other women, abuse the sanctity of their marriages while protecting their homes.

7) Nature has an order. It is an arrangement. For instance, what you sow, you shall reap. A not-chaste man who marries a chaste woman is like a car driver headed for a ghastly marital accident (vice versa). Nature is an equilibrium set-up on its own

Therefore, to combat the consequences of fornication, there must be a practically changed persona and ability to use the spiritual in terms of fervent prayers to ‘uproot’ the initially sown seed of fornication. Let he who has ears, let him hear and let he who has eyes, let him see

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