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Find your wife in a number of men

October 30, 2012

The issue of marriage is primarily choice-driven. Just as it is optional to attain university education, so it is to get married. Over the years, men, out of choice, have fashioned out different criteria to selecting their so-called wives in a bevy of ladies. However, these criteria have arguably not yielded results anticipated as some married men seem not appreciate the essence of staying married. This is due to the fact that their wives are not really what they are. Only if they could truly find their ‘wives’ in an arena of women, they would be singing a positive song. Precisely, men who thought they married wives soon realize that they are in a life-long union with potential ‘baby-producing machines’ who do not know what it really means to be called wives.

What do you expect when the approach by men to this issue is generally trivial? The criteria (what men arguably desire) are unequivocally hard nut to crack in nature because of the complexities involved. People have used several yardsticks such as beauty, financial empowerment, intelligence and other earthly trivialities to ‘select’ their wives-to-be. The efficacies of men-invented standards e are questionable in the light of truly finding a wife in a women-dominated atmosphere. Simply, what men model as typical wife-fits are just the exact opposites! Nonetheless, most marriage-concerned men clamour for their Mrs. Rights (wives) in a world of surrounded by women.

The question ‘how do you find your find in a number of women?’ comes to focus. In theory, a complex mathematical problem involves a follow-up of the appropriate method in order to find the correct solution. The issue of finding a wife in the number of women is analogous to this instance. It involves a’ specific’ approach to finding a right or virtuous woman who can be called a wife. Unfortunately, people deviate from the ‘specific’ approach and devise arbitrary means (trivial ways) to find their so-called wives. In the first place, what do you expect the outcome will be? Just as the result gotten when an arbitrary approach is used to solve a complex mathematical problem, the same will result when people find their wives using trivial means. What should be the ‘specific’ approach to find a wife in the number of women? You were given a time of ninety seconds to select (in a bag containing three hundred balls of different colours with white stripes) the ball; the red ball that has the highest number of white stripes. Remember, there are over eighty red balls with white stripes and the red ball must be picked directly from the bag. If you can select the particular red ball within the stipulated time limit, you will be handsomely rewarded with a cash prize of $2m. What an offer but at the same time, what a difficult one! In the same vein, the issue’ finding your wife in a number of women’ is a more difficult task. Usually, most people will go about finding the most distinct red ball through mathematically identifying with probability. Granted, you could get red ball white stripes, the likelihood of getting the most distinct red ball is almost uncertain. Although the red ball picked shares similar properties with the distinct one, they are not the same.

Similarly, most men have played the game of ‘probability’ to find their wives. They may succeed in ‘getting’ the good ones but they (the good ones) cannot be the same as the better ones, though they share some virtues in common. No thanks to the time limit of youthful activeness! Proverbs 18:22 says ‘whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour from God” (KJV). From this, it implies that marriage is a matter of personal decision (compare with the first sentence in the first paragraph). Great philosophers whose teachings are still followed by ‘convinced’ disciple at a point asked thoughtful questions into the intricacies of what made life, the universe and the entirety of all divine truths peculiar. Hence, they were inspired to postulate and hold onto ‘believed facts’ and subsequently had students (followers) who believed in them. In the same vein, the ‘specific’ approach deals with seeking the divine presence of God to guide you, providing you with wisdom-fathomed questions with anticipated and resonating sincerity-based answers given by the woman you seem to deem as your wife-to-be. The perspectives in which the wisdom-fathomed questions may cut across include the following:

(1) Sexuality( her approach to managing her sexuality; level of fidelity, practically learnt lessons from past relationships, if engaged, etc)

(2) Finance/Material needs/Money( money-s pending habit, attention to money matters, how financially and materially supportive she is etc)

( 3) Emotional/Mental/Psychological empowerment( intellect, goal orientation, ability to establish interpersonal relationships, temperamental adaptation,sociable,tolerate or bear strenuous conditions etc)

(4) Spirituality(observing prayers, her in-depth practical knowledge of God’s word in terms of application, her level of faith, submission, obedience etc)


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