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Article: The Hidden Agenda Behind World Politics

October 22, 2012

Politics, a recognized household name, is generally a language the world has structurally orchestrated to attain certain gains in the positives or negatives. From one civilization to the other, over the millennia, several issues have with time generated various political phenomena in the form of ideologies which have profoundly shaped and influence the existence of the system of affairs of the world. Obviously, with the use ‘three elements’, the agenda behind world politics is accomplished. The questions ‘what are the three elements?’ and ‘what is really the agenda of world politics?’ come to focus.

It is fascinating that despite proffered solutions to truncate the longevity of pandemic matters challenging the politics of the world, from one generation of social, cultural and economic existence to the other, the apparent escalations of matters that graduate from being solvable to theoretically insurmountable problems lurks; bringing about inauspicious eventualities to the people (high cost of living, wars, unemployment, deforestation and so on.). In simple terms, the major problems of world politics, which propagate its hidden agenda, are elitism, Satanism and mysticism.

First, let’s demystify the terms. Elitism is a system of philosophically dictating the dynamic s of activities of mankind and subjugating the entirety of humanity under the dominance of the ruling elites. Satanism is the acknowledgment of the convictions (ideologies of diabolic undertones) and spreading demonic identities of socio-economic and political values to influence the face of the world in all ramifications and overall existence of mankind. Also, mysticism simply refers to the recognition of the system of identifying of a supreme being (God) via various sacred rites of divination. Relating these ‘three elements’ in ordinary sense, a group of people who have by bloodline treaded the path of illumination and subsequently become influential (elite or ruling class of men and women) have conceived directly and indirectly satanic ideologies to influence man in all spheres of life, incorporating them as blueprint of geographic, social and economic strategies of global developments in deceptive mannerisms. Put simply, a group of ‘learned men and women’ are pulling the strings of world happenings using satanic concepts under the auspices of the mirage of religious divination (mystic convictions) to direct the cause of mankind (usually parochial) towards the actualization of the hidden agenda. No wonder many socio-economic and religious and cultural mishaps keep re-surfacing over and over again in many countries (religious violence, wars amongst nations, injustice, unemployment, world financial crisis e.t.c.).

One way or the other, created problems that affect the political face of the world, particularly amongst nations in all respects of their existence, over the years, have unequivocally engendered the advent of the hidden agenda. Interestingly, the ideas created by pundits (‘learned men and women’)to influence the system of countries in the world is an orientation which have been put forward by them to effect the orchestration of challenges confronting the so-clamoured peace in the world.

The hidden agenda? In a creative sense, the term ‘politics’ can be creatively analyzed using the acrostic as the:


O-Orientation (of)







Without any skepticism, world politics generally refers to an orientation put forward by people of illumination to orchestrate several ideologies that will at prima fascie be aimed at development of nations in the light of progress but will pose overwhelming negatives of consequences-heralding of streams of apparently never-ending problems in a fashion of time-taken techniques to keep the proliferates in the dark. These series of problems set up by these people are in concordance with the blueprint of the hidden agenda. In other words, they are a fore-runner to the advent of the come-to-stay phenomenon-the problems created due to the long-term effects of ideologies conceived by the ‘learned men and women’ draw or necessitate a solution-the hidden agenda.

The hidden agenda is simply the New World Order (NWO). This is a peculiar kind of civilization that politicians(whose allegiance is defined by oath-swearing and blood-cuddling initiations to the bloodline families ruling the world) , over the centuries have put forward by causing all kinds of social, economic, cultural and religious entropy via the ideas (methods, policies, principles, constitutions in all spheres of countries’ activities) to the favour its coming as solution that will dominate the terminal generation of man (last days reckoning).It is a gigantic scheme and global plan politicians are advancing. Call it the New Secular Order, this is simply what the hidden agenda is all about. In a simple format:

New World Order (Novus Ordo Seclurum) = One-world government +One-world religion. One-world government is a result of the unification of all governmental systems (finance-one-world currency, military-unified peace force, entertainment, education and business, banking and so on); a product of consented approach mechanism to tackle world problems caused by previous ideologies put forward. On the other hand, One-world religion, also referred to as the New Age Movement, is a satanically conceptualized philosophy that is primarily concerned with the unifications of all religions (on grounds of acknowledging a supreme God, irrespective of different polytheistic forms of religious practice).  Knowing that religion and politics are ways to communicate the ideas 0f realistically deceptive connotations, they facilitate in a meant-to-be confusing, reversed psycho-social manner, subliminally hitting the subconscious of people who will ignorantly function in the path of this illumination.

The asterisk sign denotes an expression: the creative acrostic gives a 250-year-plus validity of the term ‘politics’, deo volente.

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