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The Inspiration- Driven Ideological Discoveries (I-DIDs)-the general public perspective

October 16, 2012

Word Count:19,997

Genre: Non-fiction/philosophy/General interests


The Inspiration _Driven Ideological Discoveries (I-DIDS) explain fundamentally the dynamics of the revelations of naturally efficacious mindset in terms of the merits, limitations, modifications and the need to transcend their natural comprehension; “The EAD (Explicit Alphabetic Demotion) concepts of words” “The natural thought perspective of life (the LIAS concept)” “An abstract world in a world of reality; how possible?,” “Certain thoughts of the mind,” The ideology of true existence of humanity,” “A divinely philosophical assertion of the peculiar nature of an activated body of water,” “Questions worth pondering about” and “The Meta- (Mathematically defined) physical assertion of the other side of time”.

Most of the ideological discoveries are related (or applicable) to each other, in a way. The mentioned ideological discoveries will be discussed later.

As used here, revelations are information that translate to ideological discoveries-theoretical and (quite possibly), practicable “findings”. From the “certain thought of the mind” view, there is nothing discovered that is NOT KNOWN (tentatively written about, thought of or imagined about) in its entirely but its cognizance (intense research or inquiry) create (to a large extent). The desired change, when considered. In a sense ideological discoveries are findings “dug out” from the depth of the mind (via intense thinking; analogous to digging deep to exhume something) with the aspiration to make known the theoretical and possibly, practical consequences in terms of merits, limitations and he need for modifications.

  • From theoretical  analysis, discovery is a term used to describe something brought to recognition by virtue of research, intensive inquiry or active  accident, unveiling itself in terms of its properties, characters or behavior which can realistically yield its nature provided its own factors are present. In other words, discoveries are ‘dug-out’ which states defined orientation of thriving evidences which when put to test, realistically yields (becomes  the fact about them,  the  ‘dug-out’). For instance the recognition of oxygen is a statement of ‘dug-out’ information, its properties and functions to man’s existence is a statement of conceptualized orientation.  When put to test, there are evidences (viable explicits) that make oxygen posses its properties and functions. Certainly, the complexion of the test confirms these facts (a statement that realistically yielding.
  • The EAD concept of words is appreciated in “the natural thought perspective of life- The life is a space concept, the ideology of true existence of humanity  and so on. It is also applicable in “The Meta (mathematically Defined) -physical assertion of the other side of time”. The unique thing about this issue is that is assert the need to embrace the naturally transcending eternity.
  • Meanwhile, the “certain though of the mind” view should be seen as a continued understanding of the appreciated EAD concept and an observatory assertion cutting across all areas of recognized human interests. Also, “the divinely philosophical assertion of he peculiar nature of an activated body of water” should be seen as a pointer, indicating the need to transcending the natural reality of physical water.
  • To major advantage of the I-DIDs to humanity is the rue understanding of itself, nature of calling, via conceptualization of ideas that could be used to tackling threatening world issues (for instance, poverty).
  • What is striking about the I-DIDs is that it realistically (Engi(o)sophically) assert that ‘everyone is an engineer’! How? As you read, you will get a clue of what it means.
  • However, since these mind-searched ideological ‘finding’ are product of in-depth derivation, their practical limitations lie in the sincerity of the individual to appreciating their essence (of what could be termed a “not-complete-understanding” of these ideologies). Therefore, a considerable appreciation of the stated ideologies, if put to practice, can be modified, should there be discrepancies in theoretical comprehension. It should be noted however that there ideas are invaluable for their actualization
  • To renders, who are beyond-the- natural comprehension is a tip of the iceberg. Therefore, simply transcend their natural comprehension as you read.
  • Interestingly, the I-DIDs are a statement of Engi(o)sophy a coined terminology, giving a detailed instance of re-defining the human recognition of interests- exercising a re-thinking toward known interests. Unequivocally, it is an embraced outcome of the unusually defined but rightly expressed philosophy and Engineering relationship. Undoubtedly, the EAD concept is a “dictionary framework” for the theoretically coined product of relationship between the unusually defined but rightly expressed Engineering and philosophy. What is then Engicoisophy ? we begin.


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