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Sexually, Are you Worth Being Faithful to?

October 16, 2012


If you were asked the question by your spouse;’are you worth being faithful to?’, What would your response be?


The rare-to-find classic asserts that one of the reasons many marriages and relationships fail is the practical abuse or wrong use of sex by taking trivially certain yardsticks that ascertain the longevity of their union.

Moreover, it brings to recognition the mechanisms of faithfulness to correct certain misconceptions of elements associated with marriage and relationship.It is a healthy piece of reading material to the growing youth and ‘stable’ adult.

What are the trivialities and mechanisms of faithfulness? This book has the answer.
To be candid, the answer to the first question is this: ‘Only time will tell!’


Chapter Sample

Point 1

At this juncture, it is important to assert this: in a relationship or marriage, there are two virtues that bind individuals together; love and sex. The former is a product of heartfelt affection reflected as the outward value placed on by both parties while the latter is genuinely an expression (in form of direct physical contact) of the value placed by both parties.

Point 1 is a questionnaire that inquires into the sexual fidelity of an individual. It could be you! However, we take individual A as case study. Individual A could be a male or female. The question is asked: ‘individual A, How many times did you engage in sex before this time’; marriage? You will be amazed at the likely responses you would get. Individual A may not answer, believing you want to infringe on his or her privacy. Individual A would likely give you a questionable numeric figure, taking your question with levity. Interestingly, Individual A may respond by unleashing life-threatening words and actions on you!

If sex is an engaged activity, should it been seen as an off-the-record event, documented, kept as secret for a while (but think of this question: is anything hidden under the sun?) or a thing to be remembered when you are in your grave!?

If you want it to be kept as secret for a while, t hen think of the question asked. The person you had it with could decide to unveil to his or her world what really happened. In time, this it may bring implications. Remember, the wall has ears.

If it should be remembered when you are in your grave, what an exclamation it is. No one to share this ‘burden’ with? Frankly, you are in a world of your own.

If it is worth documenting (and remembering), then you should be congratulated! You are about exercising empirical knowledge on individuals (the wise ones; enabling them learn what can vaguely be thought or taught.

A number of times individual A had engaged in sex before the ‘time’ or marriage is by number of fathomable, provided there is an up-to-date record or documentation. Awkward, isn’t it? Take a cue from this:

A serious-minded businessman keeps records of his daily transactions or business activities. No matter his schedule and volume of transaction, he knows the essence of keeping records and documenting them for future references. Otherwise, he is considered an irresponsible individual who does not know the worth of what he is doing and is in the business just to dilly-ally his time. Similarly, keeping records of your sex activities will none or the other define your sex disposition (one of the determinants of your sexual fidelity), if not now but in future.

Unfortunately, many individuals are guilty of this. It can be inferred form the first paragraph that individuals are so ‘bonded’ to multiple sex partners that they can rarely remember the exact number of people they had ‘slept with’ before marriage. This probably accounts for their negligence in record keeping. Hence, they are arguably seen as irresponsible and unfaithful. Come to think of it, if you cannot in concrete terms assert the number of times you had engaged in sex before marriage, what makes your sex life different from that of a whore or sex maniac? The following are question-based analysis that ‘digs’ into the number of times Individual A had had sex. In fact, they provide clues to enable the individual remember (and subsequently keep records of his or her activity) this engagement.

1)           When did you loose your virginity?

2)           How was the feeling?

3)           Did you continue to have this ‘feel’?

4)           Have you engaged in a one-night stand or for-the-moment sex before?

5)           How comfortable do you feel letting people know about your escapades? Does anyone know about your different sex affairs?

6)           For how long can you stay without having sex? If the timing is exceeded, can you afford to ‘do it’ with anyone you come across?

7)           If you see the person responsible for your virginity loss, how do you sincerely see the individual?

   The sincerity-driven answers given by you will determine, in a way, whether or not you are worth sexually being faithful to. It can be sated that the number of times individual A had engaged in sex before marriage is partly dependent on relationships engaged.

One thing is certain: the answer to the ‘question’ is responsible for the obvious emergency of infidelity amongst individuals in various relationships.


Word Count:7367

Genre:Non-fiction/yound adult 












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