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Seven Irrefutable Facts Associated With Business Success

October 16, 2012

Genre: Business

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Have you considered the uniqueness of the number “7”? Believe it or not, the number “7” is apparently a mystery to some people in terms of its particular uniqueness but really a symbol of perfection. In a larger picture, the right inevitables are the perfected “7” recognition, that is, the seven irrefutable Facts Associated with Business Success. Simply, the difference between successful and non-successful ones is the ability to carefully consider and demonstrate the Seven Irrefutable Facts Associated with Business Success.


Simply, the difference between successful and non-successful ones is the ability to carefully consider and demonstrate the Seven Irrefutable Facts Associated with Business Success. Without a doubt, the U.S has over the years recognized the perfected “seven” recipes necessary for continued thriving and advancement of every business endeavours, a simple statement of business success.

• This must, have-read must-use and should-be-carried-along guide will be useful to students offering courses related to business, professional business men and women, business consultants business administrators and managers, academics in the colleges or faculties of business sciences, many business school, aspiring business men and women, upcoming business person still-striving-to-be-successful business individuals and idea-seeking business individual.


Chapter Sample

Chapter one

Defining the Orientation Of Business.

  • If you a listener of any T.V, radio and other media-assisted commercials of Nokia Phones, what do you hear? “Connecting people”. If you are a regular consumer of sprite, what you would hear is “Obey your thirst” A typical peak milk consumer knows the slogan of peak milk: “it’s in you”. A social “There is a drop of greatness in every man”. These enterprises portray one thing: they are able to define the orientation of their interest through their advert slogan. How do an individual define the orientation of his business enterprise? A question you may ask.
  • The wise book, the Holy bible, recognizes the essence of defining purposes associated with business activities; “Write your vision; make it plain so that people may run through it”. Therefore, defining the dynamics of business involves the basic recognition of vision and mission statements. In other worlds, making plain by writing explicating the vision and mission statements defines the business kind in terms of target audience reach production, distribution, publicity, profitability, comsumability of product, and other intentions. By identifying with the vision and mission statements, an individual is said to witness a face-lift as in them lie aims, objectives, goals, creed, policies, rules and regulations which are the most primary fact associated with business success.
  • To demonstrate the power of vision and mission statements, let us consider this instance. This instance will demystify some of the business associated facts. A certain individual in the middle of a very dark night was about setting out to his abode from a very distant location without a car and no money for transport. However, he had an electrically powered touch light which he used all through the journey to his residence. Note certain assertions:

(a) “…in the middle of a very dark night…”

(b) “…setting out to his abode from a very distant location without a car and no money for transport.”

(c) “…electrically powered touch light…”

(d) “…without a car and no money…”

In the light of business focus, “in the middle of a very dark night” can be interpreted as the yet – to – be – gathered bits and pieces of defining the orientation of business. “setting out to his abode from a very distant location without a car and no money for transport” means writing plain the vision and mission statement leading to success attainment without necessarily being spoon-feed by financially opulent individuals for succor and/or  “fish-fed” by experienced business consultants to write on the concerned individual’s behalf the vision and mission statements of the his or her business. “electrically powered touch light” simply means the guiding mission and vision statements.

On the other hand, imagine a situation where an individual decides not to switch off his or her electrically powered torchlight and walk home in the middle of that very dark night to his abode from the distant location. Do you think such an individual will make it to his abode? What do you may likely happen on his way home? Don’t you think he is treading on the part of absolute obscurity a pointer of ambiguity, a haphazard and not- the- way-home route?

In reality, this is what primarily widens the gap between mega successful businesses giants and the (seemingly) not-growing business “dwarfs”. Successful business people take as paramount (for starters) the essence of appreciating the statements of their mission and vision, the guide lights to the success experienced in their business. Unequivocally, they have been able to demonstrate a fact: vision statement gives a practical guide on the right approach to the mission statement. In other words, they act on the principle that states: acting on the stated vision through mission, unveiled by the mission statement is a key used in driving the vehicle of any business to the destination of anticipated success. On the other side of the coin, the (seemingly) not-growing business “dwarfs” experience unrelenting setbacks in their business because of not-properly-structured and the followed mission and vision statements. To an extent, this is the reason people fail in businesses: treading the part of ambiguity (Obscurity) instead of constructing their intended business specifics (mission and vision statements).



If you are passionate about something and you intend making is a source of livelihood, then, you are advised to make it a business success by first creating its vision and mission, in the form of statements-a product of your strategy. Also, if you are literate enough, that is, having the ability not only to read and write, but learn and be teachable, then, you can write out your vision (what you want to do with you are passionate about actualizing your vision).

What’s next after the mission and vision statements must have been properly structured (written down)? A question you may want to ask. Of course, acquiring knowledge or knowing the intricacies surrounding the uniqueness of what you are about engaging in because paramount. Simply, the acquisition of knowledge is the next step, a follow-up of your constructed vision and mission statements, a subsequent and one of the not-do-without to defining the orientation of your meant-to-be successful business.















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