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Come To Think of It, Sex!

October 16, 2012



To the male folk, sex is seen as one of means of releasing tension. On the other hand, the female folk see sex as the expression of love. Arguably, they are right in their assertions. However, the appropriations given to this term are not practically correct. The question that comes to focus is ‘what should be the practically correct definition of sex, irrespective of gender?’

My book Is a driven by inspiration interest which focuses on the true qualities of sex as the basis for its definition. It is pleasure filled, somewhat funny but possesses didactic remarks on the appropriation of sex


In the first place, what is sex? This timeless classic elucidates in chapters the qualities that make it special.

Chapter 1 explains the ‘simplicity’ nature of sex. As mentioned earlier, the inevitable are the already understood male and female reproductive organs. They will be creatively detailed with respect to their actions

Chapter 2 elaborates on the ‘eroticism’ quality of sex. It was said that the chapters complemented each other_ they depicts a relationship amongst themselves. Hence, chapter 2 explains in details the dynamics of chapter 1.

Chapter 3 asserts the product of the ‘coming together’ of chapters 1 and 2, ‘experience’. Based on empirical findings, it gives a classic arithmetic computation of the sex life of individuals number of times individuals (males and females) have engaged in sex especially before marriage(other conditions put in place, as we will read subsequently), extrapolates what likely become of them before and even after marriage. Also it issues worth listening statements to enable sex-performing individuals exercise the c_caution ideology in concrete terms.

From the previous paragraphs, it can be deduced that the term sex has three qualities namely simplicity, eroticism and experience. In simple terms, sex can be analyzed as simply erotic experience (where ‘X’ is pronounced as ‘EX’) or


It should be noted that sex as used in this book refers to sexual intercourse, the direct physical relation existing between a man and woman.

To crown it all, the mentioned qualities will be same as chapters1, 2 and 3 respectively. In other words, chapter1 Simplicity (Simply) chapter 2- Eroticism (Erotic) and chapter 3- Experience (Xperience)

Chapter Sample




The simplicity nature of sex has been a virtue upheld by the creator of universe, God. He had specially structured for the man and woman simplified indi cators to be appreciated in terms of their actions at a particular time…

However, given the natural forces of lust and other emotionally exuberant devices, over the years (from the medieval to the present age), the ‘simplified indicators’ have been used to act before the stipulated time. At this juncture, If you are observant, a picture of thoughts should be conveyed in your mind of what is been said.

They say “it takes two to tango”. Let us take a tango dance (performed in a clubhouse) as case study. Usually, a tango dance involves two different parties, a man and a woman. The simplicity of tango dance is the mutual consent by both parties. Then, the dance becomes what it is. In the same vein, the simplified indicators simply consent to each other before the action begins, normally. How?

The ‘simplified indicators’ refer to the already-mentioned male and female reproductive organs. Of course, the former is the PENIS and the latter is the VAGINA.The simplicity in terms of their distinction will be unveiled subsequently. Meanwhile, in analogy, the consent of a man and woman would have to be granted to get the action started.

Tentatively, this points at the simplicity nature of sex. Here, the ‘simplified indicators’ refer to the ‘inevitables’, stated previously.

In this chapter, the simplicity nature of sex is detailed with first identifying using the word play of creativity the parties involved

MAN and WOMAN. First we analyze the MAN. By definition, this book gives the analysis of a MAN as the Male’s Acted Name or the




On the other hand, the WOMAN, as analyzed in this book, is the Worth of (a) Male’s Acted Name or the


O-Of (a)




It is an undenied fact that one of the major qualities of a man is his sexuality.

Therefore, his acted name is sexuality. Furthermore, the ‘device’ he employs to act his name is his reproductive penis course. The completion of a Male’s Acted Name is made possible through the consent of his worth, the WOMAN. From creation, a woman had been made to complement or showcase a man. Precisely, a woman depicts the simplicity nature of sex of a man by granting her consent. Interestingly, the ‘device’ used by the woman to demonstrate her consent is her reproductive VAGINA. How? Note that the ‘device’ used in both consents also refers to the ‘simple indicators’.

Next, we demystify creatively the PENIS and VAGINA in terms of their distinct actions. Let us consider the male reproductive organ, the PENIS


The word play of creativity can be used to explain the simplicity nature of the simply indicators, in this case, the penis. This is a vital device used by the man to obviously depict the Male’s Acted Name (partly, an expression of his sexuality).

‘What is the distinct (dynamic) action of the PENIS of a male?’ You would likely want to ask. The PENIS, in action, is a ‘Pointed’ Extension which is Notably Instrumental (for) Sex. More precisely, the PENIS can be analyzed as the ‘Pointed’ Extension (Erection), Notably Instrumental (for) Sex or


E-Extension (Erection),


I-Instrumental (for)


In the other words, a Male’s Acted Name is strongly depicted by the action his penis. Generally, the sexuality of a man (or a Males Acted Name) is practically depicted through the description of this penis in action! Partly, these expressions make us realize the simplicity nature of sex_ sex has the quality of simplicity (its simple when looked into)

However, the instrumentality of the male’s penis does not complete a typical sexual intercourse. It is complemented by the granted consent of the ‘device’ used by the woman. It is simply the VAGINA again, let us se what it is


This is a very important ‘device’ used by the woman to complement the male’s penis. It is the other simple indicator which must ‘tango’ with the male’s for the ‘dance’ to really begin. This book analyses the VAGINA as the Ventured Area, (the) G-spot influence, Notably Aroused. In the other words, the female’s VAGINA is the Ventured Area, the G-spot influence which is notably aroused. Using the word play of creativity, it can be seen as the


A-Area, (the)




This definition is only valid when the action of the VAGINA is pronounced.

The female vagina is the area ventured by then male’s penis, producing notably aroused G-spot influence, thanks to the instrumental pointed extension of the male’s penis (its action).

The previous paragraph shows the simplicity nature of sex the ‘simplified indicators’.

However, what causes the actions of the ‘devices’? What can lead to the granted consent of a man to a woman for the dance to begin? What factor creates the tango? These are questions primarily running through the minds of the readers. The much awaited answers are in the next chapters.

This is what the chapter is all about! Just read on!








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