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Stories of Life significance…compiled selection of bestselling stories

October 15, 2012

Word count: 10,017

Genre: literary/narrative fiction, anecdotes


This masterpiece explores the various relationship- and marriage-related challenges and enables readers picture themselves in the light of their realities. The realities spell out stories that appeal to every Tom, Dick and Harry whose relationships and marriages are inevitably challenged.

As the name suggests, it is a compiled selection of ever-green stories taken from other works of the author.The following were the works that make it stand up to its name
1) 11 Major Deceptions You Must Guard Yourself Against…
2) What You Do Not Know About Your Man, What You Do Not Know About Your Woman
3) Why We No Longer Read Books
4) My Kind of Man and My Kind of Woman

5) Sexually, are you worth being faithful to?



The work piece, ‘Stories of life significance…complied selection of bestselling stories’ is an excerpt of stories taken from the works of the author, Mr. Ben; Sexually, Are You Worth Being Faithful To?, My Kind Of Man and My Kind Of Woman, What You Do Not Know About Your Woman, Why We No Longer Read Books, 11 Major Deceptions You Must Guard Yourself Against…

It is aimed at not only giving readers a sense of entertaining pleasure but also position them in the light of their realities. Possessing interesting contents and subject matters, the accounted stories enables readers to positively influence situations similar to what they identify with and picture themselves in the light of reality-based stories (as in the manuscript sub-titles which the story excerpts were taken and fully spelt out).Moreover, the ageless interest promotes the unique of the titles; sources of their extracts.

The chapters are arranged in unique format to give readers a broad range of topical issues to read and learn certain values and simultaneously proffer catchy topics of interest for readers to peruse.


Chapter 1: The effect of having multiple of sex relations

Chapter 2: Blindfolding effect of money

Chapter 3: What a deception!

Chapter 4: Is Marriage the way out

Chapter 5: Monitor your child’s reading habit

Chapter 6: Money; bait used by women to deceive men

Chapter 7: The heaviness of infidelity on innocent men

Chapter 8: All you see is not all there is

Chapter 9: Do wealthy women trust men?

Chapter 10: The clash of the sex titans

Chapter 11: Young Christian women, beware of ‘were-wolf’ brothers

Chapter 12: The power of money in marital affairs

Chapter 13: Is age difference necessarily a symbol of maturity and marriage requirement of women?

Chapter 14: Do you still have any crush for your ex-boyfriend?

Chapter 15: Can you compromise your fidelity to save your spouse from a deadly predicament?

Chapter 16: Men, are you tired of been faithful to your spouses?

Chapter 17: Women, are you still faithful to spouses, despite looming infidelity?

Chapter 18: What will you do if you realize your man is impotent and inactive in bed?



Chapter Sample

The heaviness of infidelity on innocent men
Maureen, a beautiful-looking, light-skinned and ever-smiling teenager, was on a picnic together with her think-alike friends. She was the reserved type-she had a boyfriend named James who was at the time her age mate. A faithful lady she was to James who reciprocated the faithfulness gesture. As usual, the picnic was fun-packed and Maureen, together with her friends, was hosted by a couple of older teen guys and ladies. They exchanged pleasantries and like a pairing scenario, the ladies interacted with the guys under a conducive, naturally-refreshing breeze.
Apparently, Maureen liked the sexy build of her new ‘talk-mate’ of the picnic, Melvin who was three years older. His charming smile and attractively fluent sense of welding arousing words caught the naivety of Maureen; she almost misplaced self-control!

The day was ebbing and the night was about coming to stay when the picnic goers decided to call it ‘a day’ to their outing. They subsequently exchanged contacts and bided ‘good bye’ to each other. But what struck Maureen was looking at Melvin with. Though Melvin noticed it, he decided to play the ‘nothing-went-wrong’ game.

Days passed, weeks ran and months flew. Maureen, despite her four-year relationship with James, her first love, gave priority to Melvin, although James was mum’s boy. Nonetheless, James showered her with all forms of widows mites that were within his capacity-time, energy, consistent calls, sometimes, heartfelt presents. Although Maureen verbally liked James’ kind gesture, she was practically losing interest in her first love as Melvin was gradually having a cancerous entrance into her life.

One thing led to other. Maureen eventually found herself in the ‘loving arms’ of Melvin. Intimacy steadily grew between them and a complementing ‘i-love-you’ song became the order of the day. The relationship between Melvin and Maureen afforded Maureen the opportunity to have a double-dating advantage-Melvin taught her the tricks about double-dating in detail. Though Melvin was in a relationship with a Jamaica-based lover, Maureen was unknowingly ‘used’ by Melvin to pass time.

Maureen succeeded in applying the dirty double-dating tricks Melvin taught her to manipulated her first love, James, who, inspite of his naivety, smelt a rat at Maureen’s attitude towards him. Gratifying herself sexually from Melvin and receiving affection form James made her a player! Now, the die is cast. Who is her heart given to; James or Melvin?

Indeed, Melvin played his cards well as he judiciously made the best use of quality time he spent with Maureen. Maureen was becoming emotionally inclined to Melvin and this was what he detested. The unfortunate thing was that the more efforts Melvin makes to keep her at bay, the more closer she drifted towards him. It got to a point where Melvin stopped picking her calls. In fact, he decided to halt visiting her. Thinking this would keep at armslenght from her, it only made the gap closer as she came to his place of residence, uninformed. She told Melvin that she will leave him on a condition he slept with her three times. To Melvin, it was no big deal as he did what she wanted. Still, she kept disturbing Melvin.

Years later, though still in a relationship with James, Maureen was caught up in relationships with different guys. In a way, this saved Melvin’s neck. However, despite her illicit involvement, she dreamt of the moment she would find herself in the arms of Melvin

Meanwhile, James fidelity grew stronger and he was head-bent to walk down the aisle with Maureen, come what may. He turned down many offers from charming and moneyed ladies to be his ‘charming sweetheart’. Several times was James advised by his friends to stay away from Maureen because of her flirtatious disposition but he refused their counsel.

Feeling he has attained the age of getting married, he decided to talk Maureen into the issue. After much deliberation, arguments, parental involvement and contributions from other parties, Maureen, an unchanged promiscuous lady, agreed to get married.

The town was coloured red as the talk-of-the-town marriage hosted the society’s top-shots, every Tom, Dick and Harry. Granted, he is legally married to James but emotionally in joint union with Melvin.

Months after, Maureen was secretly seeing Melvin in his apartment without James’ knowing. The questions are ‘for how long will this continue’ and ‘when will James notice the strange development.
Excerpt from the manuscript, titled ‘What you do not know about your man, what you do not know about your woman’
As Written By
Ihekuna Chimezie Benedict (Mr. Ben)




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