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Life In Space

This is another publication of mine. See below the link:

Life In Space (


What becomes of you after what ought to be a nine years of travel in space became ninety years? Kyle, the lead astronaut, was no doubt a victim of this ugly circumstance.


The link below is a “self-published” version of my book “Winds of Change”

Winds of Change (

Below is the synopsis

Winds of Change parades a matrix of stories, depicting the experiences of people in different countries of the world and conveying their situations as good, bad and ugly(at the discretion of the reader/viewer). Not limited to location, background and status, the airs of changes move in the direction of people in relationships, drug dealing, religion, education and professionalism; affecting them negatively or positively.

Readers,movie/TV/Radio presenters, directors, producers, traditional book publishers, agents and other professionals are invited.


Ladies and gentlemen, i want to use this platform to remind you all that my book, “i Love You Daddy!” will be out in the third quarter of the year, 2014.


Till then, i will keep you posted!


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Official Release of my Work; Stories of Life Significance…compiled selection of bestselling stories’

Ladies and gentlemen,

This is to inform the public that my work, titled ‘Stories of Life Significance…a compiled selection of bestselling stories’ will be out officially on June 4,2013. From the stables of DIP Publishing House( and,publisher of the Grammy Award-wining Musiq Soulchild, comes a relationship- and marriage based work-piece.
It cuts across all races, backgrounds, status. From the growing years of childhood to the stable periods of adulthood, this literary piece can be seen as a mirror, revealing the situations of people in different juvenile situations, marital circumstances, Christian matters, secular interests, relational interests in all continents of the world (usually in the form of stories).

Below is succinct information of the work-piece

Title: Stories of Life Significance…a compiled selection of bestselling stories

Publisher: Dip Publishing House ( and

Release Date: June 4, 2013


a compiled selection of bestselling stories

Word Count: 23, 191 words

Category: Biography, anecdotes, marriage and relationship stories

Target Audience:The General Public (Christian market, children, adults, married people)

Location: All continents of the world.


Don’t forget to save the release date (June 4, 2013). I will send the link as soon as the book is released on the said official date.

Be the first to promote this work,make purchases and contact me for other activities regarding the publication of this work).

This is my email address:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Making a Life Versus Making a living

Making a Life Versus Making a living
This article is dedicated to those who are career-seeking and ambitious.It is a worth reading and considered masterpiece.

The subject matter concerns those who are career-seeking and
ambitious. It is a topic that looks into the intricacies of making a
living as against making a life in succinctly; in terms of their
differences, advantages and consequences.

Making a life involves the use of one’s potentials as foundation of a
life-long success and legacy, sacrificially letting go other cut-corner
activities, believing with the right conviction (indefatigably with the
strength of insurmountable determination) the realities of what is or
are built on. In all, making a life entails patience, persistence,
consistency, patience, diligence and determination and other sacrifices
as yardsticks to ensuring a life-long edification of one’s ambition. For
instance, it took Henry Ford determination, a great deal of courage and
other sacrifices to ensure a for-all-ages-stay of Ford Motors.

Making a living is synonymous with earning a living. It is basically a
day-to-day sustenance of income and generation of money. Working in
banks, business enterprises and other establishment for salary earning,
stipends, wages and other incentives are examples of making a living.
Interestingly, earning a living is short-lived as it involves day-to-day

Making a living and Making a life are choice-dependent. Do you want to make a living or make a life? It’s up to you to decide!

Fame or Faithfulness; Which Should be Prioritized? Fame or Faithfulness; Which Should be Prioritized?

This write up discusses the advantages and disadvantages associated in
prioritizing fame over faithfulness or faithfulness over fame. It
asserts that there are two unequal parallels in that a balance cannot be struck.Hence, the onus is on the individual to state the one that
should be given priority at the expense of the other.

Fame and faithfulness are virtues mankind appreciate. As a matter of
fact, most peoples of the world would desire they have both virtues and
more importantly, strike an even balance between them. However, this
feat is practically impossible as the terms ‘fame’ and ‘faithfulness’
are described as ‘two unequal parallels’. The big question is ‘should
faithfulness be prioritized over fame or should fame be prioritized over

Of course, fame exposes people to the world. Many celebrities become
influential world figures, courtesy of fame. No doubt, fame brings to
the spotlight an array of ‘diligent’ individuals  who wish to be famous
and favours such as financial favours, contract-based offers form
leading firms from every nook and canny of the world, admiration by
people, all kinds of glamour, built reputation, audience, followership
and other recognized attachments are drawn to them. On the other hand,
faithfulness apparently keeps people away from the corridors of
worldwide recognition. Moreover, it is a virtue that seem to keep people
in the dark and make them become spectators ton those who make the

Nonetheless, being in the spotlight blindfolds people from certain
facts. Many individuals who became famous would initially have the
rationale of having more time to themselves, exercise freedom and
privacy only to realize the reverse becomes the case. No wonder a cynic
once remarked; ‘a celebrity is a displayed or showcased public property
whose longevity of service is dependent on the level of concurrence and
appreciation who are interested. Many celebrities have no privacy at
all; most times, they are always moving from place to place without
necessarily creating time to cool off. Many of them fall victims of drug
addiction, alcoholism, drug peddling and trafficking and other forms of
moral decadence, no thanks to the absence of faithfulness. In fact,
many celebrity marriages hit the rocks because of the very absence of


On the other hand, people, whose falls under the watchful
eyes of faithfulness have a completely different story to tell. This
security precludes them form the servitude of drug and alcohol
addiction, drug trafficking and sustains their marriages. More
importantly, faithful people are interestingly the bedrock of the
famous; they contrite immensely, though behind the scene of the news
making or at the background, towards the steady rise to fame of those
who are poised to accomplish this feat. John Wesley, founder of the
great Methodist Church Movement, was very famous during his day courtesy
of the steady moral upbringing and unwavering support of his mother.